Classroom Behavior Chart

I want our classroom to be a positive, safe environment where kids can learn from their choices and grow as people and students. Our classroom behavior chart will help us and the kids monitor their own behavior and choices throughout each school day. Please continue reading for more information on what our chart looks like and how it will be used.

Our goals are: 

Keep each other safe! 

Support each other's learning! 

Have fun! 

We will be using a clip chart in our classroom to monitor our behavior and choices. Each child will begin the day with their clip in the middle of the chart on green, “Ready to Learn”. Students may be asked to move their clip up or down on the chart during the day depending on their choices. Here is a model of the chart.


Super Student

Great Job

Good Choices

Ready to Learn

Think about It

Teacher’s Choice

Parent Contact


Ready to Learn (green)~ – Everyone starts the day ready to learn. I will always make sure kids know what they should look like and sound like to be doing their job well throughout the day.

Think about It (yellow)~ This is a warning and a reminder to think about the choices that they are making.

Teacher’s Choice (orange)~ When students are making good choices, they get many opportunities to choose for themselves! When they don’t make good choices, I will make the choices for them until they're ready. My goal is to encourage kids to take ownership and responsibility for their actions and to realize that they are strong enough to choose to do better.

Parent Contact (red)~ At this point, it’s time to talk to a family member about the day’s behavior so they are aware of what we struggled with that day and can help us make it better in the future! I will continue to make choices for the kiddo until they show they can make positive choices on their own. Even at this point, I stress to the kids that they have the ability to turn their day around and get back on track!

Good Choices (blue)~ Student made a positive choice and gets verbal recognition and praise!

Great Job (purple)~ Student continues to make great choices. They are having an awesome day!

Super Student (pink)~ Student continues to demonstrate above and beyond leadership skills, striving to do what’s right and set a good example in all they do. They have had a fantastic day, making themselves and others better! Much praise and celebration!

Students may move up by going above and beyond what is expected. We will brainstorm what they might do. Their ideas may include: helping another student, picking up something that you didn’t leave out, pushing in someone else’s chair, having a great idea or answer, helping solve a problem, etc. We will talk at length about the fact that I may not always catch them being awesome leaders but that our real motivation is not to be rewarded but rather to be the best version of our self that we can be!

We also will brainstorm choices that may mean moving our clip down. Examples could be being unkind, not listening or following directions, not controlling our body, interrupting, being bossy, yelling at someone, etc. They will have a lot of ideas to share!

Thank you for your support!