Kids' Corner



Our Kids' Corner page is where you can find pictures of some of the fun and hard work your little bugs are doing while they're at school! Check this page frequently for new pics!


Space Foundation Field Trip! 

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The Great Pumpkin Drop! Halloween 2020


The Great Pumpkin Drop Video (Full)

The Great Pumpkin Drop Video (Clip)

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Creek Week Chalk Art! 

First graders learned about the importance of keeping our Earth and storm drains clean to protect our water systems! They did chalk art near a storm drain to raise awareness about the importance of only allowing water down the drains. 

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First Grade Annual Tea Party


Mindfulness Tent

There's a new addition to our classroom! Last week, we installed a Mindfulness Tent! The kids and I talk about mindfulness every day; that ability to focus in on the present moment on purpose and to self-regulate when we need support coming back to that place of focus and presence. Just like grown ups, kids experience a wide range of emotions and thoughts. Sometimes, those thoughts and feelings make it hard to focus, learn, and function in a large group of students. The Mindfulness Tent and the tools provided (small fidgets and breathing tools) serve as a way for a kiddo in need to have a mindful moment, self-regulate, and refocus on the the task at hand in the classroom. Each student has had a chance to experience the tent and it will now be open to those who need it! The kids know what it looks like and feels like to recognize their own need, have their mindfulness time, and then recognize when they're ready to come back to the group. They understand that we can't compromise learning and work time, but that this can be a tool to help them accomplish their goals throughout the day! Feel free to come check it out! 


100th Day of School! 


4th Grade Buddies! 

Our fourth grade buddies taught us how to make "ARFF"flakes! Using a snowflake, our first graders were guided to think and share their achievements, people who love and respect them, what they do for fun, and what freedoms they enjoy! 


Math Video Sing-a-long! We usually start math with an appropriate video that correlates to what we're learning! The kids have LOVED this video about place value and I couldn't resist sharing their joy and enthusiam with you! 


Mr. Vogel presents about his trip to Egypt! 


Happy Halloween! 


First Grade Moving and Grooving! Recently, we took our first grade community time to gather in our classroom and move and groove to some GoNoodle dance vidoes! 


First Grade in the Outdoor Classroom! 

Every Monday, first grade takes advantage of a small window of time between lunch and specials to spend time building community as a first grade team! Recently, we listened to Mr. Pletsch read us a story in one of the outdoor classrooms! 


Homecoming Parade! 9/13/19


Fable Character Moral YouTube Video Link!