Kids' Corner



Our Kids' Corner page is where you can find pictures of some of the fun and hard work your little bugs are doing while they're at school! Check this page frequently for new pics!

Shel Silverstein Poetry Recitation! May 16, 2019 

Making MASSIVE snowballs with springtime snow and saying goodbye to Miss Custer. She already got a job in Widefield as a preschool teacher! 

Field Trip to Rock Ledge Ranch! 

Goldilocks Class Play YouTube Link and Photos! 

I apologize for the quietness of the video. We struggle with that every year and thought the microphones would do the trick, but it's still a bit hard to hear. There were also a few kiddos that were harder to see given the angle. I hope you were able to enjoy in person or can find some enjoyment out of the video we were able to get. The kids did a wonderful job and they enjoyed seeing themselves on stage when we watched the video together!

Math Time Measurement with Miss Custer! 

First Grade Annual Tea Party!


100th Day of School Fashion Show! 

Descriptive Writing with Marshamallows! Yum! 

Making Their Own Campfire! 

Space on a Sphere at the Space Foundation

Chillin' out and watching videos about the Maya, Aztec, and Inca Civilizations! 

Becoming Archaeologists! We dug chocolate chips out of cookies! 

Painting Mayan Necklaces! 

Halloween! Photographers: Mrs. Carter and our own Malli Hylton! 

The Great Pumpkin Drop! 

Homecoming Parade! 

Flexible Seating!