We take a deep dive into what's impacting employee retention and what employees are looking for in their new role. I believe I may qualify under a Schedule A Disability Employment hiring authority. CO. CLS 07 LOCATION : Assigned Campos DAYS : 185 JOB ID & DATE : CLS-11 | October, 2022 JOB PURPOSEMaintains an inventory of food, determines quantity of food required, and makes the appropriate SchoolJobsNearMe Distribution - 48 days ago. %%EOF Salary: $58,463. , Base Salary ( USD) 25% $20k MEDIAN $48k 75% $62k The average salary for a National Park Ranger is $47,932 Base. The vibrant colors and detail of this classic image have been painstakingly . 0000013628 00000 n Kayla Sanders has worked with the NPS as a law enforcement ranger from "cities to swamps," as she says. The most common occupation was park ranger, followed by maintenance mechanic. Just a few of the factors that determine starting salaries for park rangers include: Keep reading to take a closer look at what park rangers are earning at the federal and state level and what you can do to optimize your salary potential: Park Ranger Salary Information For Your State, Federal Park Ranger Salaries Follow the General Schedule Pay Scale, Salaries for Park Rangers with State Park Departments. Seasonal work at a small state park can pay as little as $15 an hour, while career rangers at large state and national parks can pull down salaries in the range of $80,000 a year. A realtor is considered an in-demand career due to a 138% increase in job postings for realtors since 2015. CO. Sheridan High School/Denver, CO Date Available: 07/31/2023 JOB TITLE: Social Studies TeacherSheridan High School is seeking a Social Studies Teacher who has experience working with second SchoolJobsNearMe Distribution - 21 days ago, James Irwin Charter Schools - Colorado Springs House. Our Fair Pay score for National Park Service Park is 3.4. The post adjustment is paid in addition to the base salary; For a . Administrative Support Assistant (OA) National Park Service. Many listings are from partners who compensate us, which may influence which programs we write about. 0000007622 00000 n Building on this momentum, Duke Energy Corporation and the state's rural electric . 0000007317 00000 n current students and recent graduates (within 2 years). var jsPageAuthorMode = 0; A: The U.S. Park Police academy is located in Glynco, Georgia, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. 2021 Foreign Service Base Salary Schedule Incorporating a 1% Increase to Base Rates - Authorized by E.O. 2 - Denver Congress. Job descriptions are not intended as and do not create employment contracts. National Park Service. Realtors work on a commission basis, but the average salary earned is around $96,820. 0000007095 00000 n