CKLA has two different components, both of which are taught to first graders on a daily basis:


This is the nuts and bolts of reading and writing. During skills time, kids will practice phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, grammar, handwriting, sentence writing, paragraph writing, and many more elements of literacy.


Each day, the kids listen to a passage read by the teacher. Then they participate in a discussion about the topic (called a domain), and then they complete fun, experiential, dynamic activities related to what they learned and discussed. Most domains have a culminating activity, such as a field trip, museum day, performance, or other event. The topics are divided into eleven domains:

1. Fables and Stories
2. The Human Body
3. Different Lands, Similar Stories
4. Early World Civilizations
5. Early American Civilizations
6. Astronomy
7. History of the Earth
8. Animals and Habitats
9. Fairy Tales
10. A New Nation
11. Frontier Explorers

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Math in Focus is a powerful math curriculum that builds understanding of concepts with a concrete-pictorial-abstract progression of learning. With a frequent use of manipulatives and dynamic math activities, kids experience a combination of direct instruction, group activities, and hands-on learning. We focus on both strong foundational computational skills, such as fact fluency, as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Our math concepts include, but are not limited to:

Numbers to 10
Number Bonds
Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10
Shapes and Patterns (Geometry)
Ordinal Numbers and Position
Numbers to 20 (Place Value)
Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20
Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs
Numbers to 40 (Place Value)
Addition and Subtraction Facts to 40
Mental Math Strategies
Calendar and Time
Numbers to 120 (Place Value)

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Handwriting skills are an important part of literacy. Handwriting helps develop the brain for literacy by creating necessary neurological connections. In first grade, when children are just beginning to develop the fine motor skills required for specialized tasks, handwriting practice is particularly important. In addition to the handwriting practice that is embeded in CKLA, we use this addition curriculum program on a daily basis.

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