Classroom Information


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Want to know what we're up to? Here's a copy of our daily schedule! Remember, first grade is fluid and may be subject to change! 


Daily Schedule


Specials Schedule

Monday: TEAMS/PE

Tuesday: Spanish, Art

Wednesday: Rotation 

Thursday: TEAMS/PE

Friday: Music




General Classroom Information

Here is some helpful information about our classroom.  Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or comments.  For matters needing immediate attention, please call the office at 719-685-2195. 



Our website will be updated each week and will contain information about important upcoming dates, academic focal points, homework, our weekly newsletter, and fun pics! It also contains all of the classroom information contained in this letter, our daily schedule, and links to the other first grade pages! 

Email is probably the fastest way to communicate with me as I check it daily and can usually reply to you in the same day. While you are welcome to call my classroom phone, I am usually unable to answer during the day. If need be, please call and leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. 

Each student will have their own mailbox that we will use to collect completed work and information from school. Please be sure to check your child’s backpack every day and particularly on Thursdays when we send folders home with important communication from us and the office. Lastly, I hope you will always feel free to set up a meeting and stop by! 



We use CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) as our primary curriculum, which integrates Language Arts Instruction with Science and Social Studies.  We use Eureka Math2 as our math curriculum.  



UP! is the school-wide term for enriching and experiential projects, activities, and events that coincide with our Listening and Learning domains. We have eleven domains in first grade: 1) Fables and Stories, 2) The Human Body, 3) Different Lands, Similar Stories, 4) Early World Civilizations, 5) Early American Civilizations, 6) Astronomy, 7) History of the Earth, 8) Animals and Habitats, 9) Fairy Tales, 10) A New Nation, 11) Frontier Explorers



On our quarterly Progress Reports, proficiencies are indicated with numbers 4 to 1 (4 = exceeds grade-level expectations, 3 = meets grade-level expectations, 2 = progressing toward grade-level expectations, 1 = not progressing adequately toward grade-level expectations).



I rarely, if ever, assign homework to First Graders. However, many fun worksheets and activities will be sent home that provide parents the opportunity to practice with their children if they choose. I recommend that you read with your child every day. Regardless of whether the parent or child reads, this is an important daily activity that supports kids' reading skills and maintains strong bonds between kids and parents.


Missed Work

If your child misses work due to absence, I will send any missed work home with him/her. Good attendance is encouraged as most first grade work is cooperative, teacher-directed, and experiential.



Each grade level has an assigned door to exit to help with traffic flow, accountability, and safety of students. First Graders are dismissed through the playground doors to the back gate off of Prospect Place at 2:45pm (5 minutes before the bell rings). If you are picking up your child, please meet him/her at the back playground gate or on the playground. Kids who ride the bus will be escorted to the buses by staff members. Kids participating in after-school programs or activities will meet their groups in the lunchroom. Please always keep me updated with current information about how your child is getting home after school!


Lunch Money

Money is collected at the beginning of each day and sent to the lunch supervisor. Money can also be given directly to the front office. If your child orders lunch regularly, parents are encouraged to pay by the month or semester, if possible. Free and reduced lunch forms are available at the office. Lunch menus are available online:


Each First Grader has his/her own iPad for classroom use. Students will use these periodically for specific educational activities, projects, practice, and assessment. All iPad use will be carefully directed and monitored, and all iPads are filtered to ensure appropriate content. iPads will remain in the classroom and will not be sent home.


Sharing (Show and Tell)

A note will come home when it is your child’s show and tell day (about once per month). In order to feel comfortable speaking in front of others, students should practice what they intend to say about the item being shown. Sharing is encouraged to be cerebral and creative so that kids truly learn from the experience.


Parents should send two snacks to school with their child. Snacks are eaten during morning recess and afternoon recess. Please send healthy food, as these snacks are to feed the kids' brains, not just their bellies. 


Water Bottles

Although we have a drinking fountain in the classroom, students are encouraged to keep a pop-top bottle, labeled with their names, at school. The bottles will be sent home periodically for cleaning.



We celebrate birthdays in First Grade with a special birthday crown, being the line leader for the day, and of course singing the birthday song! If you would like to spend in birthday treats, we will pass them out and enjoy them at last recess. For birthdays that are on weekends, we will celebrate on Friday. Parents are welcome to join us at recess for treats! Summer birthdays are celebrated at the end of the year.